My videos and photos defamiliarize the recognizable contours of our world by exploring the intersection between outer and inner reality. I work at the border between what is mysterious and what is known, both in the act of seeing and in the framework of narrative. My strategy is to lure viewers with seductive imagery while introducing counterpoints that undercut it. The goal is to reclaim the power of attention — a faculty so threatened by our mobile screens — and thus to question accepted notions of what is beautiful, repulsive, or even a "worthy" subject of art.  

I examine the categories of “human” and “natural” environments by revealing their complex interpenetration. Nature is present in our most urban spaces and ultimately, inside us, while our technological manipulation has reached the very heart of what we consider natural.

My inspiration comes from growing up in communist Romania, an isolated world with very little media. As a child, I used to spend hours studying little creatures and objects in my environment and inventing fictional universes for them. It is the same "perceptual innocence" (Aldous Huxley's phrase) that I now invoke as a starting point for my practice.

Interview by James Ciano in NYFA Current, June 2013